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There's often a misconception that massage therapy is just a luxury service-- an indulgence--reserved only for vacations or special occasions. Sure, it's wonderful for relaxation and restorative care, but massage therapy is also a powerful form of preventive care that can help you-- and your body--more readily manage the mental, physical and emotional stresses of everyday life.

As one of the oldest healing traditions, massage therapy remains one of the most viable, natural methods of pain relief and stress reduction available. Incorporating massage therapy as a regular part of your lifestyle is not indulgent-it's just good medicine.

Whether you're experiencing discomfort due to postural stress (such as neck or back pain from prolonged sitting), are struggling with an illness or acute injury, or are in need of some quiet time and solace, I tailor each session based on your needs and areas of concern and apply the most appropriate and effective techniques to meet your goals. I will also provide you with recommendations for ongoing care that you can do at home or in between treatment sessions that will continue to support you in managing your health.